About us

VOXSOL Sweden AB is specialized to manufacture, develop and sell equipment in the ventilation and hose cleaning industry.

We also market leading brands to complement our own products.

Our customers are mainly in the Nordic countries in the ventilation, sanitation, chimney sweeping, properties, sheet metal, chimney firms and municipal companies.

Among our products you will find;

Dust trap
Sweeping Tools
Cleaning brushes
Cleaning wires
Ventilation cleaning
Cleaning cables


All Voxsols products have a 2-year warranty from time of purchase. The warranty covers manufacturing defects.

When buying Voxsols products we offer
Training courses on sales of cleaning cables,
Compressed air cleaning products, dust trap and brushing machines.

After Sales Service
We offer customers advice and assistance so that customers can get out the most of their Voxsol products

Quality and Safety
The entire production cycle, from production, assembly and delivery, is involved in several quality controls to ensure that products are of the highest European standard